Recital Tickets are on sale!!

Recital tickets are now on sale for our 18th Annual Recital! Since we have so many students this year, you will only be allowed to buy up to 6 tickets the first week but starting April 22nd you can buy as many as you want! The tickets are assigned seating so you will want to start to talk to your family and friends if you want everyone to sit together.  Tickets are sold in advance every night of class from Monday, April 15th – Wednesday, May 8th for the price of $12.00 each.  They will also be sold at Dress Rehearsal and the Recital (if there are any remaining tickets) for $15 each. If you want your child to sit with you during the show, then you must buy them a ticket too.  All students can watch from the TV backstage for free.

This is also a reminder that our 18th annual recital is at 3 pm on Saturday, May 11, 2019, at Butler High School auditorium.  All students must be there by 1:30 pm Sharp for the whole studio picture. When you arrive, your hair is to be done for the first number that you are in, your make-up needs on and you have to be dressed for the opening number.  Everyone has to wear his or her Jen’s Academy “Millennium Mayhem” t-shirts, black shorts, white socks, and white tennis shoes.  Holly Mead Photography will be taking the whole studio picture at 1:45 on the stage before the main doors are unlocked for everyone to come into the auditorium.  If you are late you will miss the picture, so please be on time!!!  The main auditorium doors will not open to all of the parents and the public until 2 pm & all seating is assigned on your tickets, so be sure to buy them early!