Picture Day Schedule Sunday March 24th,2019

Picture Day Schedule Sunday, March 24th,2019

(Here at the Studio/ Clearview Mall)

12:00    Any Solo or Duet Students

12:15    Any Solo or Duet Students

12:30    Any Solo or Duet Students

12:45    Ms. Brooke’s Monday Elementary Baton 5-5:30

1:00    Ms. Brooke’s Thurs 6:15-7 Preschool Gym

1:15    Thursday 5:45-6:15 Preschool Ballet 1 and 2

1:30    Ms. Emily’s Thurs. 6:45-7:15 Preschool Jazz

1:45      Ms. Ashley’s Monday 6-6:30 Elementary Jazz

2:00    Ms. Brooke’s Thursday 5:45-6:15 Creative Dance

2:15    Ms. Lisa’s Wednesday 5:15-6 Elem. Gym

2:30   Ms. Brooke’s Monday Elem. 6:30-7:15 Level 1 Gym and Ms. Ashley’s Monday Elem. 7-7:30 Ballet

2:45    Ms. Lisa’s Monday 6:30-7:15 Elem Cheer and

3:00     Ms. Ashley’s Monday 5:15-6 Gym and Ms. Emily’s Thursday 6:15-6:45 Preschool Tap

3:15    Ms. Brooke’s Thursday 7-7:30 Preschool Baton and 5 Star Gold Baton

3:30    Ms. Ashley’s Monday 6:30-7 Elementary Hip Hop Lisa’s Monday 6-6:30 Elementary Tap

3:45    5 Star Pom and 5 Star Gold Acro

4:00    5 Star Silver Jazz and Ms. Brooke’s Monday 6-6:30 Motor Development

4:15    5 Star Gold Jazz and Lisa’s Monday Gym 7:15-8

4:30    5 Star Gold Ballet and Ms. Brooke’s Monday 5:30-6 Creative Dance

4:45     5 Star Flag and 5 Star Silver Cheer

5:00    5 Star Silver Tap and 5 Star Bronze Cheer

5:15     5 Star Gold Hip Hop and 5 Star Silver Hip Hop

5:30    5 Star Lyrical and 5 Star Gold Tap

5:45    5 Star Gold and Platinum Cheer

6:00    5 Star Silver Ballet

6:15   5 Star Gold Modern

6:30   Any Solo or Duet Students and 5 Star Silver Baton

6:45   Any Solo or Duet Students

7:00   5 Star Performers Group Picture—(Wear black pants, gold tank tops, and green 5 Star Jackets!!!)


*If you have any questions please first ask your teacher, then ask the Front Desk, and then ask me by calling

(724) 283-1700.  Please realize that I did my best with scheduling more than 200 students for pictures, but there is no perfect solution.  Please be prompt, dressed, and ready at your exact time.  If you are not fully dressed with your hair and make-up (black smokey eye shadow, blush, black mascara, black eyeliner and red lipstick or if costume is pink wear dark pink lipstick) done the group shot will not be held up because of you because it is not fair to the rest of your class or the other students that have to go after you. Please note that if you are in a class that everyone doesn’t show up for the picture your group picture will be retaken at Dress Rehearsal!


Jennifer Dimit Baldacci